Acting Tourist: Veronica’s Café

Situated on the first floor in a serene book centre in Waterford City, you’ll find the quaint and chic gem known as Veronica’s Café. It can often be hard to switch off when in the middle of a city, but if you are looking for good coffee, amazing food and remarkable customer service, this is … Continue reading Acting Tourist: Veronica’s Café


Morning Coffee

This morning, I was 15 minutes early for work (which I may add, rarely ever happens) so I decided to call into the garage next to where I work and buy myself a cup of coffee. I was tired and believed that a hot cup of Joe might actually fix this. Despite the fact that … Continue reading Morning Coffee

July 2018

Hello! Me again! Did you miss me? It’s been an entire three months! Contrary to my blog’s title, it actually wasn’t out of procrastination. It was due to a fairly dark hole that I manged to dig, place myself in and struggle to get out of. Silly me forgot to install an escape route! How … Continue reading July 2018

New Job Jitters

Starting a new job is always daunting. Will I fit in? Will my co-workers like me? Will I enjoy the work? Will I be able for the work? What does this new job entail? What does my employer expect from me? All the confidence you projected during the interview stage dissipates as you quickly realise … Continue reading New Job Jitters

March 2018

It is the first Monday of the month! Happy March everybody! I’m not sure what it has been like in your corner of the world, but here in Ireland most of the South and East coasts spent 4 days snowed in. I kid you not! Met Eireann warned us the snow was coming, and foolishly, … Continue reading March 2018

February 2018

Okay, so technically it is the end of February and I should have had a blog up weeks ago! I do have to apologise for the delay. Believe it or not, very little procrastination was involved this month!!! A mixture of changing secular jobs, joining a band, college work and family life prevented me from … Continue reading February 2018