Acting Tourist: Veronica’s Café

Situated on the first floor in a serene book centre in Waterford City, you’ll find the quaint and chic gem known as Veronica’s Café. It can often be hard to switch off when in the middle of a city, but if you are looking for good coffee, amazing food and remarkable customer service, this is the spot for you.

As the establishment isn’t a library, you hear the bustle of people, general chit-chat amongst shoppers and employees, along with the odd joyful shriek from a young child who is in owe of the written word. However, none of this seems to matter once you venture to the first floor. Unusual to most book centres, you’ll find avid readers sat, reading the books on the shelves, lost in their own imaginative world or the world of the author that they have been invited to share. Most of these readers sit with a coffee, occasionally sipping as they turn the page. Some sit with a cake or a sandwich, others with friends or family as they catch up on untold gossip and news. The point I feel needs to be made here, is this is not the norm. It takes somewhere truly special to be able to block out busyness, especially in a city.

Owner, Veronica Taglienti, has made this a space of serenity; an escape if you will. All around you will spot small details that enhance the feel of the café. Flowers, teapots, typewriter, Parisian undertones and even a Downton Abbey rule book, something I believe every ‘shabby-chic’ café should aspire to have on their shelves!

With regards to the menu itself, the coffee was flavoursome, the panini filling: tantalising and it will easily take you 15 minutes to figure out which of the freshly made deserts to indulge on. If you find yourself in the vibrant city centre of Waterford, whether you are sight-seeing, shopping or simply walking around, pop your head into The Book Centre and treat yourself in Veronica’s Café. You could simply read this and take my word for it, but I would recommend you enjoy the experience yourself.

Keep dreaming!


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