Morning Coffee

This morning, I was 15 minutes early for work (which I may add, rarely ever happens) so I decided to call into the garage next to where I work and buy myself a cup of coffee. I was tired and believed that a hot cup of Joe might actually fix this. Despite the fact that I am keenly aware that caffeine doesn’t seem to have any effect on how tired I am in the mornings, I bought my latte and headed into work.

Then something dawned on me. A question shall we say.

How much coffee is actually consumed around the world on a daily basis?

To be honest, I was just relieved that my brain was asking this question at 9am and not midnight when trying to sleep so I can get up in the morning and perhaps not need the coffee. Not that the coffee even really works, as stated.

I took to Google to research this intellectual question and after much browsing (clicking on the first link I found) I discovered that approximately 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily around the world.

Excuse me but, have you all gone mad?! 2.25 BILLION CUPS OF COFFEE? I contribute less than 1 cup a day as I don’t always drink the stuff, but you all must be hyped up beyond belief. Do yourselves a favour and drink some green tea or grab a bottle of water. Yeesh, ye are going to give me a heart attack.

Keep dreaming


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