I like cars. I like them a lot.

Do you have any interest in cars? Not my conventional kind of post, but I feel like it is time I debut a keen interest of mine: Cars.

I’ve grown up around two older brothers that lived on the smell of petrol, so an interest in cars was pretty much a given considering the amount of time I spent with both of them up to around age 15. After I turned 16, I took it from there.

Tim always wanted an old VW Golf GTI, or a gunmetal grey Ford Mustang with black racing stripes. I’m sure he would have been just as happy with either! Philip drove around in his blue 1997 Honda Civic which could wake a 5-mile radius just by switching on the ignition. Very different interests when it came to cars but they both loved the thrill of it all. This meant I was reared on car shows, Top Gear, AutoTrader magazine and a keen family interest to never have the same car on the driveway for too long a period.

One thing I didn’t discover until recently is that my love of vintage and classic car shows came from my mam and not my older brothers! Not something I ever saw coming.

So alongside my magazine style post ideas, I think I am going to start including a few car related posts. Hold all ideas that girls don’t know anything about cars as well. I work in the motor industry, so I do have a small idea of how they work!

Keep dreaming!


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