Self-Care Sunday: Take a Seat

Just to note: Whilst writing this title, I began humming “The Middle – Zedd” and it is now stuck in my head. Not that you were wondering or anything…

Introducing my new ‘Self-Care Sunday’ segment, something I have wanted to bring in for some time now. However, procrastination kicked in and here we are, several months down the road. Nevertheless, we made it now!

My best friend and I talk about self-care a lot. We both believe that it is of vital importance but we both make the exact same mistake: we allow everything else to take precedence. I am hoping that by writing this section it will encourage me, my best friend and all of you lovely readers to take time out for a little self-care.

Now I understand that time is a commodity that none of us here has enough of. I procrastinate virtually everything in my life with the time excuse. To be honest, it is the best excuse out there. Nowadays, we are all busy all of the time. Work, family, friends, exercise, house work, unforeseen events, sleeping, eating etc. The list could go on and on. But what about 15 minutes a week for yourself? We have 10,080 minutes every week, (feel free to check my math on this one) where is the harm in putting aside 15 of those for a little self-care? It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It could be as easy as putting in headphones and listening to a few of your favourite songs, sat in a nice quiet area.

So who is with me? Who would like to start putting aside at least 15 minutes every Sunday (or whichever day suits you best) to practice self-care? We got this.

Keep dreaming!


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