March 2018

It is the first Monday of the month! Happy March everybody!

I’m not sure what it has been like in your corner of the world, but here in Ireland most of the South and East coasts spent 4 days snowed in. I kid you not! Met Eireann warned us the snow was coming, and foolishly, I didn’t believe I would be confined to my home for almost 96 hours. Silly me! On the plus side, I caught up on some much-needed sleep, became very well acquainted with a few Netflix shows and managed to tick 1 thing off my every-growing to do list! (It was a lazy few days, don’t judge me!)

The cold here was something else. Some days, the “feels like” section of the weather app confirmed it felt like -13 degrees Celsius outside. It was almost as though I couldn’t warm up no matter the number of layers, hot water bottles and endless cups of tea. It was a week you did not want to be visiting or even living in Ireland, believe me. Had planes been able to fly or the ferry’s able to sale, I imagine you would have seen the exit of approximately 4.7million people for several days.

All that aside, Spring is finally here bringing much needed beauty (and hopefully) warmth to the country. Longer nights are coming in leaving space between work and bed to be outdoors and see your own hand in front of your face! My goal for the month is to spend more time outside, definitely spurred by spending the first 3days and most of the 4th locked up! I am also going to be taking part in Mindful March. A month of focusing on inner peace and happiness, something I personally feel is important in life.

I hope this month brings you, and yours, all the happiness in the world!


Keep dreaming!


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