February 2018

Okay, so technically it is the end of February and I should have had a blog up weeks ago! I do have to apologise for the delay. Believe it or not, very little procrastination was involved this month!!! A mixture of changing secular jobs, joining a band, college work and family life prevented me from taking a seat in front of my computer and typing up a decent post! Apologies out of the way (I am truly sorry) I guess it would be easier to talk about the month now that it has pretty much been and gone!

First things first, I changed jobs! I moved into work that has me using my creative side daily and I honestly couldn’t be happier with my decision. When the opportunity presented itself to move, I was apprehensive. I was too comfortable where I was and although I didn’t like the job I was doing, I adored the place and the people I worked with. It is very easy to get stuck in a rut with a job that you’re comfortable in. You know exactly what is expected from you and it is a consistent paycheque. But is it your lifetime career? I knew if I didn’t make the jump when it was offered, I probably never would. So I jumped and I am happier than ever! More on this to come *insert cute monkey emoji* !!

Secondly, I joined a band! I’ve grown up singing and occasionally I’ve been up on a stage doing it! Coming into the new year, 2 old friends and 1 new friend approached me about singing in their newly formed band. I’ll be dead honest, a knot formed in my stomach and I was fit to just laugh it off. But I stepped outside of my comfort zone, agreed and started practicing the set list! A few weeks ago we had our first practice (with another new member) and jammed out! I’m not one to normally step outside what I know or what I’m used to, but I’m glad I did. Watch this space!

There you have it! My two new pieces of news for the month. Everything that’s been keeping me away from my keyboard. I do love to keep busy haha. Oh! I’ve also set up a new Instagram account to join my little blog. I would love for you guys to follow me on there *insert big smiley face*


I hope you all had a wonderful month!

Keep dreaming!


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