Good friends are like the stars. You don’t always see them but you know that they are there. – Unknown.

As we go through life, people come and go. It’s a bitter-sweet part of life. Some people we are happy to see the back of and some we wish we could hold onto just that little bit longer. A very close friend of mine once told me that the people we meet are there for one of two reasons. One, they are going to stick by your side for as long as you both possibly allow them to or two, you have a lesson that needs to be learned and they are the ones who are going to teach it to you. To be fair, that makes a lot of sense.

Nowadays, I find I have to travel quite a distance to see the people who have become very important to me. But that’s okay because I love to travel and I love to drive, both of which I utilise to see the people I care about. I have friends the length and breath of Ireland, I have family and friends in America and I have many friends across the pond in the Uk. This is an appreciation post for all those friends, both new and old. You guys may teach me lessons in life but you yourselves are not the lessons. You are the people I love and care about dearly.

Last week, I spent 5 days with 5 amazing people in Center Parcs, Longleat. I enjoyed myself throughly, as I’m hoping they did. The week was filled with food, laughter, games, chlorine, hailstones, rain and fire. I wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything else. I strengthened my friendship with my best friend, 2 other friends in my life and then I made 2 new friends. All of whom are people that I will treasure forever.

We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun. – Winnie the Pooh

In the words of a Pinterest quote that I find myself drawn to: Surround yourself with people who push you, challenge you, make you better and make you happy. Once you’ve found these people, never let them go. No matter how far or how near they live to you, hold on tight and remind them what they mean to you.

Keep dreaming.

I’m thankful for the memories you blessed me with – Center Parcs 2018


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