January 2018

It is 2018! January 1st was yet another fresh start and it was also a Monday this year! I can’t think of a better way of starting a new year than to have the first day on a Monday to be honest.  I love clean, fresh starts and starting a year on a Monday just feels like the cleanest of clean and the freshest of fresh starts. As you can tell, I’m quite pleased about this.

Each year I see those “new year” quotes. You know the ones I mean:

“New year, new me”

“12 brand new chapters”

“Your next 365 page book is waiting for you to write. Make it a good one”

Now I know they are cheesy, but I love them. (We all love a bit of cheese really) The concept that every year of your life you are writing another “365-paged book” is lovely, in my humble opinion.

So, with that in mind, what’s the plan? I give you my 2018 goals (with a cliche or two thrown in for good measure)

  1. Get back into fitness! This is the first cliche of my list because every person states how much they want to get fit on January 1st after several weeks of eating and drinking your weight in calories. This time, I’m starting small! I’m going to a CrossFit class 1-2 times per week, going for walks, parking my car at the far end of work’s car park to walk a little more and just adding 5 minutes of stretches here and there.
  2. Clean up my diet. I’ve started the New Year well on this one by eating smaller portions and cutting out the junk. I know at certain times that this isn’t possible, like the wedding I went to last week or the holiday I’m planning on going on at the end of the month, but this is what I call progress!
  3. Longer, more detailed blogs. Over the last year, I have had a tendency to throw together a quick post just to get something up. It’s not exactly good blogging and something I need to apologise for. My goal this year is to put together structured posts, ones that you will enjoy and possibly even benefit from! Feel free to send on your suggestions!
  4. Get more sleep. I’m not entirely sure how this one will work because I have a habit of taking on too much which leads to burning the candle at both ends. For example, I’m currently a student, working full time, travelling, blogging, balancing a social life and learning new skills. That said, I would love to sleep a little more!
  5. Travel! I’m beginning to realise this list is more cliche than not, however, I want to get out and see more of the world this year. Whether it be in the island or Ireland or countries close by, I want to explore.
  6. Meet new people. This, I’m hoping, will come hand-in-hand with traveling. But I am also looking to expand my network at home. Watch out, you could be next!
  7. Volunteer more. I have been saying for YEARS that I am going to volunteer more. Whether with the Simon Community or Meals on Wheels, I just want to help.
  8. Take up a new hobby. With my schedule as packed as it is, most people (myself included) would protest that I haven’t the time to take up a new hobby. That in mind, I want to try something new this year. Learn a new skill. Learn an instrument or a language. Something that isn’t part of my normal everyday routine.

So there you have it! 8 goals for 2018. I am refusing to call them New Year’s resolutions because I’ll never stick to them if I do!

Keep dreaming!


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