December… The end of 2017!

Well 2017 has been and almost passed. It’s been a crazy year with my busiest months being from September onwards which is part of the reason you haven’t heard from me much. The other part of that reason rests solely on procrastination. I guess the main reason I set up this blog was due to the amount I, and everyone else I seem to have come in contact with, procrastinated in life. I am beginning to realise it is a trait I may never be fully free from. All that said, I am set to make 2018 a very good and productive year. It’s the first year in 3 that I feel I am starting on a good foot from the very beginning. The mere fact that it starts on a Monday is just the icing on a very OCD cake!

I am not going to make promises I can’t keep, but I am preparing blog posts in advance for January to hopefully get 2 steps ahead of myself. I also have a number of goals that I will share with you in time that may encourage you to join in! The first of which is: 365 days of fitness. I know it sounds scary and virtually impossible, but after a serious amount of thought and planning, it won’t be as difficult as it seems. I have a few friends on board ( and you are all most welcome to join ! ) and I’ll be keeping in touch with them as the weeks and months progress. The main idea of this is to ensure that we are all active at some point during the day. This could be 10 star jumps in the morning, a 20 min walk, a fitness class, going to the gym, doing 15 steps on your stairs in the evening. Basically, absolutely anything ( no matter how small ) outside of your normal day’s activity to promote physical health for the year. Being fit and healthy is something that is always on my mind and I can’t always say that I am the best advocate of either. I would like to change that next year by keeping up with the little things. They say that it’s the small changes you make that make the most difference in the end because you keep with them for longer.

I guess I’ll leave December with just the 1 post as we are almost through it now at this point. I hope you all have had a lovely month and that 2017 is ending on a high. If not, I hope 2018 brings you more happiness than this year did. Chin up everyone, we can only do our best!

Keep dreaming and see you in 2018!


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