Oh Yeah! It’s November

November has been a pretty busy month for me! Between procrastinating absolutely everything I have needed to do, I surprised my best friend by showing up in her mother-in-law’s spare bedroom, I wrote a guest post ( link shall be below ), I have been busy studying for college and I have brought back the fitness! So perhaps we should get cracking. After all, we have so much to catch up on ( not said in a creepy voice )

So if I’m going to discuss this month, I may as well do it chronologically. Big word, I know. First things first, I wrote and submitted my first guest post at the start of the month. I was so excited to write another fashion piece and having the help of a professional photographer did not hurt in the slightest! Overall, I have received some great feedback on the post and hope you all get a chance to check it out ( and Jenna Leanne’s other amazing posts ) in your free time. What free time you ask? Well the time when you’re procrastinating everything else and you’re sat on you phone or tablet. *insert appropriate emoji here*

Secondly, I surprised my best friend! She moved to the United Kingdom summer of this year and we hadn’t see each other in person ( bar a 2 hour shopping stint ) since her wedding. With the help of her husband, his family and new friends, I managed to get all the way to her mother-in-law’s spare bedroom to surprise the life out of her! I would post the video but my laugh should never be posted on the internet. Ever. Anyways, long story short, I had an amazing week and was even dragged along to where she worked for a couple of days. Really nice way to break in the first half of the month.

Thirdly and fourthly, college and fitness! I’m busy studying away, working on my classes. If any of you guys have taken a degree online before, I would love your feedback! In need of second, third, fourth opinions about what works for others! To be fair, at this point I’ll take fifth, sixth, seventh etc etc. Fitness is actually quite new on the list. Similar to this year, I’ll be posting in January 2018 regarding my goals for the year, however, I saw little point to wait another 2 months to kick back into keeping fit.

Keeping fit is something that’s a struggle to me. I struggle to motivate myself, like a lot of people, and then I struggle to find the balance once I am in the swing of things. I’ve decided to go back to walking and dancing and just build myself up slowly. Slow and steady right??

Overall, it has been a jam packed month and it has absolutely flown in. We are just about staring December in the eye and I still can’t work out where the rest of the year went. I hope you have all had a fantastic November and I’ll speak to you next month! ( Which is 4 days time…! )

Keep dreaming!



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