Firstly, allow me to deceive you no more: this isn’t a post about crushed fermented grapes. I’m sorry to disappoint you and for those who wish to leave now, the exit is in bright orange to your left. No, leave the refreshments on the table. You haven’t earned them.

Okay, who do we have left? Oh hey mom!

I digress (as per usual…)

As we are heading into the Autumn months, there is one stand alone feature that I cannot help but jump up and down about. This feature would be the ability to wear the colour wine and actually get away with it! It has to be my favourite colour to wear and just screams AUTUMN at the top of it’s shrill fashionable voice.

I find, at this time of year, Pinterest also agrees with me here as all I have been seeing on my homepage are suggestions to pin wine-related pins. (Again, the colour not the drink) Now, this could be due to the amount of boards I have that contain numerous wine-coloured tops, jeans, dresses, nail ideas and so on, but I would like to think that I am just on a wave length with the creators of Pinterest. Call me a dreamer!

All that said, I am noticing that my affinity with browns, greens and oranges are ever on the increase and I may have to spend the next 3 months adding these colours to my wardrobe. Any excuse to shop really!!

But hey, this all shouldn’t just be about me and my likes and dislikes. What about you fabulous readers that didn’t run for my imaginary exit sign (and attempt to steal my refreshments. Sandra) when you discovered that this wasn’t a booze appreciation post. (Now there is an idea..) What colour is quintessentially Autumn for you?

Keep dreaming!


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