What Do You Want To Say?

This post is dedicated to Theodore Quinn. Thank you for all your help and support.

Someone who means a lot to me really struck me when they asked me recently: What exactly are you looking to say when writing your blog? Yes, I am paraphrasing slightly, but the flavour of the question is there. What exactly do I want to say?

At the very beginning of my blog, I just put words on a page and hit publish. Some thought went into what I was saying but very little as to the message I was hoping to convey. At times, I have come across conceited, pushing my own agenda on my readers. I’m not sure that is okay in relation to blogging. In fact, I’m not sure that it is okay when it comes to writing at all. Think about it.

When you’re reading an article, or a blog, and you get the vibe that someone is trying to force their mindset on you or make you feel that their opinion is more valued than your own, how does that make you feel? Sad? Angry? Upset? What would you do if a writer made you feel like that? Write a hateful comment on their post? Stop reading their work? Grill yourself for the next few hours about whether the words he/she wrote are true? Regardless, you wouldn’t be feeling happy or relaxed by any means and last I checked, reading is/ can be a form of recreation that is meant to help us relax at the very least.

When I was asked the above question, it had me stumped for so long that I took a few weeks out from blogging to gather my thoughts. To really focus on the reasons why I blog. Is it to get famous? To make a career out of it? To form an online following? Although a writing career would be nice, I’ll admit, none of those reasons were why I started any of my blogs. I started writing and blogging to make people laugh and smile. To distract them for a small part of their day from all the negativity going on in the world. To assure people that the crazy things going through their minds were most probably also going through mine and that they weren’t alone in feeling like they were going insane! I started writing because I love it and no matter how many people read the words I put to paper, I was enjoying it.

What do I want to say? Well firstly, thank you for reading. It means a lot that you have taken the time to read my ramblings. Thank you all for your kind words and comments that you have left me/ sent to my email address. Lastly, I would like to reaffirm the point of this blog. This blog is for uplifting, to make you smile, to make you feel good, to remind you that you are not going crazy and just for a little read when you’re taking five minutes out of your day.

Keep dreaming!


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