Let’s Go On An Adventure

I love going for long walks anywhere that has beautiful scenery. Long drives along coastal routes or up through the mountains where you can look out and see for miles. I love walking along the beach on a pitch black night and whilst listening to the waves crash against the shore, I can look up at the sky filled with stars dotted everywhere. Almost as though a young child got hold of a glitter shaker and shook, vigorously.

If we are friends or spend any form of time together, you would be well aware of the above. “Let’s go on an adventure” or “I wanna go on an adventure” tend to be my most frequently used catchphrases. More often than not, I use said adventures to incorporate two other hobbies of mine: Fashion and Photography. ( Full disclosure – I am not saying that I am by any means talented either. Complete amateur over here! ) I tend to put a lot of effort into what I wear no matter the time of year, and if it just happens to be Autumn, well that’s even better! A few years ago, I bought a decent camera that I have been carting about the place in the hopes of catching a few nice shots for my blog. For now, I’ll just stick to the ones I find on the internet!

When was the last time you drove out at night and lay on your car just gazing up at the beauty above you? Or laid on blanket on a summers day trying to make out the images the clouds drew? Why not head to the coast and see if you can spot and ships on the horizon. Climb a hill or a mountain and sit back in awe of the beauty that’s around you. Make your own adventures. *insert smiling emoji here*

Keep dreaming!


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