The Procrastination is Real

I know I throw around the word procrastination a lot. I relate it to virtually everything in my life or tie back everything I do to some odd form of it. I mean, take a look at what you’re reading! This is a blog post about procrastination on a blog entitled: Tales of a Professional Procrastinator. It’s almost an obsession.


As of late, I have been struggling with actually sitting down and researching/ writing blog posts. This is the point I got to with all my other blogs. They say that when you run a marathon, at a certain point during the 26 or so miles, you hit a wall that you have to push past or you will just end up giving up. The 8/9 month mark for me with blogs has been my weak point. For a couple of weeks, keeping up with scheduled posts or timed reminders becomes a chore and I almost have to force myself to sit down and do the one thing I love most: write. In my most ironic comment to date, I have been procrastinating writing a blog based on procrastination.


( The word procrastination is starting to look as though it is spelt incorrectly as I am using it way too much in this post. I digress. )


I sit on social media when attempting to avoid doing something I need to do. For example, this evening I have watched 5 of Trey Kennedy’s videos on Facebook. If you haven’t seen any of them yet, log on to your Facebook and rectify that immediately. (Well, after you have finished reading my blog of course! Sharing is caring! ) I have window shopped on many a site, looked up flights and accommodation for trips I would only love to take, sent out way too many snaps, put my tax disc in my car and paced up and down my hallway one too many times. My biggest and worst distraction is myself. Something my parents were told many at time at parent teacher meetings.


So this blog post is a mixture of an explanation, an apology and yet another distraction. An explanation as to why my blog posts dipped in June, an apology for them doing so and a distraction for me because I currently should be finishing a different blog post entirely!


Keep dreaming!


8 thoughts on “The Procrastination is Real

  1. bugbeeandme says:

    My favorite line “the word procrastination is starting to look like it’s spelled wrong” This happens to me often with different words.’ We all get to a point where we need a little extra motivation. But you got there, so kudos!

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  2. Sandy Dobbs says:

    Oh my goodness! Me, too! I spent all of one summer creating and setting up my blog, and then had to go back to teaching in August. I was going to keep up with it, but oh boy, I procrastinated the year away. Now I am back at it, trying to stay on track.

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