Way Too Much Clutter in Here

I ALWAYS keep things under the pretense that I might need it later. Let’s call a spade a spade, I am a hoarder. My room and living space is overflowing with clutter that I no longer need and probably never needed in the first place! Ridiculously high heels that I can’t walk in so they never get taken out of the house. Clothes that are too tight but I keep them with the promise that I will fit into them again on day! ( I am aiming this at a pair of shorts I bought when I was 16. Not sure what made me think my hips would ever be that size again! ) Make up and beauty products that have probably out-lived their shelf life and then some. Things I just no longer want or like that I just let mount up.

Well enough is enough!

For the month of July I have decided to do another spending freeze. I won’t be buying anything outside of needs like diesel and groceries. To properly cut down on the clutter, I will be binning, giving away or gifting at least 1 item I currently own per day. Much like my 30 Outfits of May challenge, I will post daily on Twitter advising what I am getting rid of with the hashtag #31daysofclutter.

I am hoping to feel a little lighter by the time we get to July 31st! Why not join in? Always strength in numbers. *insert crying laughing emoji here*

Keep dreaming!


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