30 Day Challenges – Mission Possible?

I have started and never finished one too many thirty day challenges. Being the avid reader that I am, I spent a lot of my teens reading articles that told me if I wanted the “perfect” body, I had to establish a fitness routine and stick to it for at least thirty days. By then, it would become routine and I would forever keep up the exercising. Right? Wrong. Well, wrong for me. I was never able to stick out the exercises for a full thirty day period, I would always come up short. These thirty day trials did not only come in the form of exercising either. Everything from teeth whitening to your diet and household duties to curbing your spending amounts have been transformed into these thirty day challenges with the aim to help the population. Kind of like self-help in small doses. I have asked around and I’ve yet to find anyone who has actually stuck to the entire task. And as always, I have a few theories as to why this may be the case. I’m going to use the example of thirty day fitness plans to demonstrate.

1. Idealistic

The very idea of sticking to a task for a month appeals to most people. Two of my girlfriends and I have a whatsapp group which is rightly named “The Munchers”. Originally though, it had a name befitting three women who were on the path to getting fit. We sent on multiple thirty day challenges with the hopes to inspire each other and stick to our goals. As the new group name suggests, we failed miserably. Although a month does not sound like a massive amount of time when thought about, the actual day to day activities can often drown out the enthusiasm of sticking to something that is hard work.

2. Making the Time

Most of these challenges boast that they will take fifteen to twenty minutes maximum out of your day, appealing to both those whom have no time and those whom have all the time in the world. In reality, a workout takes a lot more energy and thought than that. After a few days, generally the person realises how much time it will take up and will put it off for as long as possible. Which brings us nicely to my third and final point.

3. Procrastination 

I use this word a lot. In fact, it’s kind of in the title of my blog. Another simple fact is everyone procrastinates something they have to specifically make time for. If you’re not used to it, you generally put off doing it.

I know these thirty day challenges mean well and there is bound to be people out there who a lot more motivated than my friends and me, people who are not afflicted with procrastination. I know you exist, however, I am not one of you. However, that said, all I appear to be doing as of late is setting myself challenges, telling you that I have set them and then waiting to see if I just fall flat on my face. Today is July 1st, and in that honor, I have decided to set myself a different 30 day fitness challenge from now until the end of the year! First up is an Ab Challenge which will be posted on Facebook and Twitter. I promise to try….

Keep dreaming!


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