Disaster: Turned Not so Much of One – Part 2

I used to live in hoodies. Mainly men’s hoodies that I stole from my older brother. Over my uniform in school, to relax in, to sleep in, at college. You get the jist! The main benefit of hoodies I was wearing was also my biggest issue: they were baggy, loose and non-fitted. As a young girl who always struggled with her body image, I always felt more comfortable in clothes that didn’t cling to my figure. Unfortunately, this gave me a tomboy appearance which had to go!

My second year of college, I threw out every single one of my hoodies. ( Well, I kept my ‘I Love NY’ hoodie that my brother bought me but I didn’t wear it! ) I started wearing long sleeved tops, jumpers, cardigans and blazers. Fitted clothing that actually gave me the appearance of a female!

Nowadays, I am back to wearing hoodies sometimes, but they tend to be fitted gym hoodies. Not over sized men’s hoodies that give you the overall appearance of a black bin bag….. So I didn’t really take a step back as the men’s hoodies have remained in my brother’s wardrobe!

If you are contemplating ditching the hoodies, allow me to offer one piece of advice: keep one for chilling in. Sometimes relaxing or sleeping in a hoodie is just that bit more comforting! 

Keep dreaming!


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