31 Outfits of May: Results

I’m not quite sure which was more difficult last month: picking a different outfit for each of the 31days or abstaining from shopping for the entire month. Let’s call it a draw shall we?!

We’ll it’s done! I managed to achieve 31 days of different outfits which included 7 days abroad, 2 PJ days (2different sets with 2 different pairs of slippers I’ll have you know!), a wedding and a mixture of work and casual. Many suggested that it would have been easier to attempt this during a month when I had nothing on but apparently I just like to make things more difficult for myself!

Much like everything else in my life, I had to put pen to paper in order to ensure it would be done. One of my little notebooks came out and I wrote down as many outfits as I could possibly make up with the items of clothing I owned. Surprisingly, there are some items of clothing I didn’t even end up wearing this month. Several skirts, tops and dresses. Most of my jeans were used along with work trousers that I own. As the days and weeks went on, I realised how reliant I was on staple items. For example: black, khaki and grey work trousers and a black pencil skirt showed their face several times each. 

I’ve included a small selection of the outfits worn.

All in all, I believe the 31days were a success! I rediscovered items of clothing I thought had been thrown out or a handful of items that were lying there and I didn’t really know what to do with them. I managed to purge my wardrobe a little by throwing out anything that didn’t feel comfortable or looked like it had seen the end of it’s days. The challenge has also helped me realise that I don’t have to keep wearing the same 5-7 outfits for work each and every week like I was doing. As I own exactly seven shirts/ blouses, sometimes I will get into a routine of just pairing one with a shirt or work slacks and leaving it at that. I have now reminded myself that a little thought and creativity into your work outfit does make you feel that little bit better which can make all the difference on a bad work day. 

Quick apology for this taking so long to post! Along with a few technically issues, being out of the country hasn’t really helped my blogging schedule. Something I plan to fix immediately!

Keep dreaming!


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