Disaster: Turned Not so Much of One – Part 1

I have a running joke about myself that I wasn’t a girl until I turned 18. My friend sharon once explained this in the best way possible: “You spent your teens in hoodies, old fashioned glasses, no make up, short hair and clothes that didn’t fit you. And all of a sudden, you appeared in figure hugging outfits, hair done, make up done and wearing heels. It was pretty much overnight transformation!”

I may have paraphrased slightly as it’s been a while since I heard her say it, but it’s pretty much bang on the money. I was the boyish of all tomboys until I turned 18 and all of sudden I seemed to know what I was doing. Or at least I gave that impression! So I thought it would be mildly entertaining to do a 12 week Wednesday segment on teenage me versus basic female knowledge! Now, before we carry on, I am aware that this has been published on a Friday, not a Wednesday. There was a slight issue with publishing this post on Wednesday but I have had a serious chat with my technical abilities ( or lack there of! ) and we are of the professional opinion that it will not be happening again. Point proven by this article finally appearing on my blog! Still with me? No? Sure we’ll carry on!

Whilst I was in the shower this evening, emptying half a bottle of conditioner into my hand to tame the wild beast, it dawned on me that conditioner and I used to have a very different relationship. In fact, until my sister in law placed it directly in front of me at age 17, I rarely used it. Deemed it unnecessary! Please, please, control your gasps! It is true however, my hair rarely saw conditioner throughout the majority of my teens but somehow, the luscious locks survived the pH imbalance until nearly adult me was given the push. 

Up until September of last year, I had grown my hair out to just above my waist! As you can imagine, my relationship with conditioner grew stronger to the point where I was agreeing with the memes online about how quickly a bottle of the stuff empties. Rather ridiculous if you ask me!

Keep dreaming!


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