Challenge: 31 Outfits of May

Like most women, I am partial to a bit of shopping every now and then. (Okay, pick yourself up off the ground! It’s not that funny!) I love to shop, at times I live to shop, and I have been drawn to online shopping as of late. I work a Monday to Friday job and by the time I’m finished, the only option is generally to go shopping on a Friday evening or spend my entire Saturday driving to a decent shopping centre and throwing away an extraordinary amount of money. Online shops just make it so easy and it always seems to be items of clothing I convince myself I need at the time. (And when I remember them sometime later at the bottom of my wardrobe, I wonder what on earth I was thinking!) 

In a few weeks time, I’m jetting off for seven nights in the sun. I would tell you where I’m going, but that has yet to be decided! In an effort to prevent last minute packing, I tore off the procrastination plaster, poured myself a glass of wine and started looking for my summer clothes. It was then when it hit me how many items of clothing, how many pairs of shoes and the sheer amount of accessories I actually own. I know exactly how I got here: a mixture of boredom and retail therapy. 

Well, for the month of May I have made a decision. No more shopping. For 31 days I have to come up with 31 different outfits based on the clothes I have, the shoes I own and the accessories that I am sure I’ll find between drawers and the bottom of handbags. I’ll be providing daily updates on my twitter page and weekly updates on my new Facebook page ( links below) Wednesday May 31st, you’ll have a full update of how the month went, in as much detail as I can muster!  

As it is the first of the month, allow me to share my outfit. As you all know, it’s a bank holiday. Something I forgot yesterday evening when laying out my outfit for the day. On bank holidays, my work place has a casual dress code allowing us to wear jeans and the like. So in a mad rush this morning, I put together an old trusty outfit that perfectly suits the warm weather we are crossing our fingers for this summer! Authentic blue high waisted “Joni” jeans from TopShop, a top I’ve had from H and M for a while now and a cute pair of white pumps that I have pretty much owned since forever!  

Happy May 1st and keep dreaming!

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