Acting Tourist: Mount Wolseley Hotel

I love surprising people. I love the feeling you get from giving a gift or opening your best friend’s bedroom door announcing that she needs to pack a bag as you are both going away. Last week, that is exactly what I did! Right down to opening her bedroom door and listening to her scream at me!

My main objective was to have a few days away with a handful of treats and categorically relax. As per a friend’s recommendation, I booked a night’s stay in Mount Wolseley Hotel, Tullow, Co. Carlow and found a package that would give us all the luxury we could desire. Up to this point, I haven’t recommended a place or product nor written a review after the fact but based on how enjoyable our stay was, I had to write a post about it all. I will be writing a second post about our adventure, so make sure you look out for it!

The hotel itself is a majestic building on the outside, one which caught our attention from the moment we turned into the driveway. Walking in, we were stunned into silence by the mere beauty of the lobby. Bearing in mind that Immy and I could collectively talk for Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, being stunned into silence isn’t something we would be used to. Checking in couldn’t have been easier and the lady who assisted us was friendly and approachable.

We started with a rather posh afternoon tea in the library. A real Downton Abbey moment if you ask me! The library was beautiful, spacious and serene. I’m not quite sure if the other guests spoke with lowered voices due to the name of the room, but it certainly added to the experience. As we drank our tea and ate the gorgeous arrangement of food set before us, we both admitted to feeling more relaxed than we had in weeks! ( Our compliments to the chef! )

Our room was simply fabulous. I can’t think of another way to put it. Mount Wolseley’s staff made checking in fast and simple and we even had a lovely gentleman escort us to our room to assist with our bags. We were only checked in for one night, however, we immediately wished we were staying for longer!

For dinner I had the scallops to start with beetroot stuffed ravioli which was to die for! If you are in anyway a seafood lover, make sure you order this starter. Disclaimer: you WILL fall in love with this dish! Immy ordered the chicken Caesar salad croquettes which she likewise fell in love with. We debated regarding which dish was the best but before we came to a reasonable conclusion, our main course was placed in front of us and we had another dish to deliberate on! Placed before me was a large lamb dish. Keeping with an honest review, the lamb wasn’t the best main dish I had ever been served, however, the starter had massively won me over! Keeping true to herself, Immy order the pork belly which she devoured at a speed that could only suggest she was enjoying her meal.

And the evening wasn’t over yet, the Aaron Lounge still awaited discovery along with some of the best cocktails I have ever tried! (Always ask for JP!!) At one point, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to drink. JP asked what I would normally drink on a night out and made a cocktail close to my taste. Talk about great customer service! Easily one of the best evenings of 2017 so far. I am all about relaxation, good company and good conversation and that is exactly what the Aaron Lounge gave us. I’ll admit, we may have been a tad over-dressed but hey, sometimes you just have to rock up in style!


JP O’Neill – Barman

Wednesday, we woke up to our breakfast being delivered right to the bedroom as we prepared ourselves for our spa session. Up to this point, I had never had a back massage and despite a little discomfort due to stress induced knots, I could have easily fallen asleep I was so relaxed. Best couple of days I have had in a long time and I was delighted with my experience away, Immy and I both.

In conclusion, my final words are these: A spectacular hotel, beautiful to look at but our stay was well and truly made by the staff. If you’re looking for a nice break away, to park your car out front and have all your needs catered for in the one place, I would highly recommend Mount Wolseley Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort. Thank you to all those who helped made our stay what it was. Mick for helping us with our bags, Paul for giving us directions when we first arrived (and the crisps later on!), Rebecca for a 5-star massage, Tom and Ross on the night shift sitting at the front desk and of course, Ireland’s best Barman JP. Your staff are a credit to you Mount Wolseley, each and every one of them!

Keep dreaming!


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