Geek of The Week: Discombobulate

I’m aware that you are looking at the title of this blog and thinking I have lost the plot. To be honest, I have.

I arrived at my best friend’s house this evening for her hen weekend and remembered that I had forgotten to set up a Geek of The Week post for all you lovely readers! So in a moment of what now seems pure idiocy, I asked both Immy and Naomi to give me a word for this week’s post. ( You should have seen the look on my face when they gave me their suggestion… I am imagine it was similar to the look on your face! )

As they refused to change the word, I have had to stick to my word and let them choose the word. So, I give you the most ridiculous word to date to use for the next seven days.

Discombobulate – to disconcert or confuse someone.

You have seven days. Keep dreaming!


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