Blank Page

One of the most daunting things is a blank page. Something that is further daunting is a page full of words that transcribe to absolutely nothing at all. I have stared at both this past week. Sometimes, I can’t formulate any words no matter how hard I try and other times, I could throw the entire English dictionary at a page and make even less sense than keeping quiet. Over the next few months, I am setting myself up a sitting room/ office space in what is now a spare room. I am still a little unsure as to how I am going to decorate it but it will be a little space of my own. In an effort to put sensible words on a page, I have set myself up on a make shift desk in my little room that is currently overflowing with clutter.

So as I sit here, I am surrounded by books. Not the kind of books you would curl up with in front of the fire on a cold night but the type that took me through 15 years of education. Junior certificate maths papers, leaving certificate English textbook and college level chemistry. As crazy as it sounds, it all seems a lifetime ago and I only left college 2 years ago last month. It seems crazy that I spent my teens learning from these text books in an effort to reach my goals and pursue dreams I had from a young age. What’s even crazier is to think I actually grew up from that and moved onto the part in my life where I have to work to live and afford to work towards even more goals and dreams.

Part of the reason I end my posts with the phrase: “Keep dreaming!” is because I want to try and inspire people not to give up on their dreams. If we have nothing to work towards, what are we working for in the first place? Life becomes more interesting and more challenging when we have something to lose. If you have nothing to lose, you’ll never make those leaps of faith you sometimes need to get you to the next phase in your life. You’ll more than likely never do something that scares you because you are comfortable in your own little bubble that you have no intention of stepping out of in the near future. Looking at textbooks that I once used to haul around or spend my days slaving over, have reminded me that even at a young age I knew I wanted to work towards big things in life. I most certainly never grew up with any intention of accepting a boring life. I was built to chase big dreams.

Here I am, no longer staring at a blank page or words that are just there for the sake of it. I have spent a short amount of time reliving my school days and it has reminded me of who I am as a person and who I want to be in life. I think we all need that fire lit every now and again.

Keep dreaming!


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