Geek of the Week: Congenial

Slowly but surely, I am beginning to realise that randomly opening the dictionary to write these posts may be causing more hassle than good. Whilst I am getting a good laugh out of the first couple of words I am finding, I am also envisioning office battles and word wars if I actually ask you to use any of them. For example, the second word I came across this week was pugnacious. The sarcasm would be mighty this week if I was to ask you all to use the word pugnacious as much as possible in a seven day period and I refuse to be involved in any potential bloodshed! The next word I came across was good-for-nothing and I nearly threw the towel in myself!

Playing it a lot safer, I opened the dictionary a further eight random times and found a word I believe can be used safely for the next seven days. I apologise now in case that statement proves false.

Congenial – A pleasant person, place or environment.

You have seven days. Keep dreaming!


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