Procrastinating My Dreams

When I started this blog, I was very clear. I had a list of dreams and goals that I was going to work towards and I had every intention of sticking to them and not looking back. Then, out of nowhere, life decided to slap me fairly hard in the face with a hardback textbook and knocked my right off my majestic throne of dreams.

I’m being dramatic, obviously, but it genuinely felt as though life was having a go at me. 

It dawned on me that whilst I was letting life beat me around, I was also allowing it to keep me down. I was procrastinating my own dreams. Everything I stood for and everything I had worked so hard towards was just flushed down the toilet and I sat feeling very sorry for myself. Well I tell you, I shall sit and mope no more!

I watch a copious amount of police TV shows and I have learned a thing or two about addicts. Nine times out of ten, an addict will fall off the wagon on the way to recovery. Much like an addict, I relapsed on my way to solving my procrastination and keeping up with my own goals. Relapsing does not mean that you are useless or that you should give up. Relapsing should give you a kick up the backside to shake off the dust and get back at it. You can do this. I can do this.


Keep dreaming!


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