Every now and then I like to do something that scares me despite the fact that I spend a considerable amount of time talking myself out of the decision that will scare me. For a girl who professes to be good with words, I am aware that I am making very little sense. Allow me the chance to explain.

What’s the one thing that scares you the most? Losing your job? How about a relationship falling apart? Although those examples may or may not be on your list, no doubt said list exists. As of late, I am attempting to do things that scare me whilst attempting to not overthink. I have a tendency to overthink everything and it’s a dangerous trait. Everyone that knows me well, or has been close to me over the years, has begged me to stop overthinking. It’s damaging in so many ways and gets in the way of many things in life. Doing something that scares me, despite my overthinking tendencies, empowers me in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at some of the things on my list.


Commitment to anything has scared me in the past. Anything from a relationship to a long term hobby, a month subscription to deciding whether to tax my car for a full year. I’m always pushing to move past the fear of committing. I put my phone on contract and signed up to Netflix (yes, I’m aware how petty that sounds!) I have spent years putting more effort into friendships and got into a relationship that I was happy to be in with someone I trusted. I have set up a blog that I have kept up (thank goodness!) and the cherry on top of it all, I taxed my car for a full 12 month period!


Do you ever have the urge to text/ call someone that your mind is telling you not to? As of late, I am making those phone calls and I am sending those texts. It scares me because I am allowing someone else to be in control of the situation once I have put myself out there. Nevertheless, I put myself in those situations to see what happens. Exhilarating stuff.

I guess the point I am making is this: We go through life presuming that it is the big things, the big decisions and situations in life that should scare us. At the end of the day, what scares us most is what we want most in life. Take another look at your list, it’ll help you discover what you truly want from life.

Keep dreaming.


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