A Procrastinator’s Promise

If I am to be honest, life had taken a slight backseat for me in the last two years. When I say that, I’m not in anyway talking about the people in my life or the relationships I had and have with the people in my life. No, what I mean is my train of thought, my actions and the path I was on. I have been just about existing in recent years and that is in no way fair to those I hold closest to my heart. When in that situation however, you can never fully acknowledge how bad your condition is.

I have made promises to people that I hold in extreme high esteem that I would shake myself out of this state and move on with life, become the person I used to be. Truth be told, that will never happen. I will never be exactly the person I used to be. How could I? That person is two years younger with less life experience and slightly more naive towards the world. All that in consideration, it does not mean that I have remain in this state. I can, and I will, shake out of this state of mind. My goal now is not to merely go back to being the person I once was, but become a better version of the person I once was.

Now is the time to move on. I have made the decision to say goodbye to several aspects of my life:

  1. I have made the conscious decision to block out any negative comments directed towards me or the decisions I have made.
  2. I have decided not to listen to hearsay or gossip regarding myself or anyone in my life.
  3. I have decided not to let others influence me so easily.
  4. I have decided to surround myself with people who up-build me and fill me with confidence.

You may have noticed that I began all four points using the terminology “I have”, this is because I have made these decisions willingly and consciously. I can’t ask you to step inside my head to attest to this fact nor can I expect you to take my word for it. Now is the time for me to prove it all to my loved ones and to myself.

Here starts the new chapter in my life. Here starts a brighter future. Here is to the dreams and goals I promised myself at the very start of this journey. Here is to a fresh start.

Keep dreaming!


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