Professional Procrastinator at your Service

I have always viewed myself as a professional procrastinator. No matter how little confidence I have ever had in potential talents, I have always known this to be a fact. I had never been able to pinpoint exactly what caused me to be this way up until recently. A close friend of mine sent me on the link to a charismatic vlogger who spoke about procrastination and what it truly is.

He spoke about it being a childlike animal character in your brain, preventing you from completing, or even starting, your adult tasks for the day. ‘Finally’ I thought, ‘an actual explanation that corresponds with how I feel’. One does not go about their day intentionally procrastinating important tasks. Or, if you are in anyway like me, you don’t intentionally procrastinate a goal for months or years. It just happens.

So I have started this blog. Admittedly, it is not my first blog; it is my fourth. I had such great expectations for the other three as well, but they ended when procrastination took over. I always made a new blog because I never had the guts to face the people and actually admit that nothing astronomical had prevented me from writing. I would rather my audience think something spectacular had happened to the person behind the posts! Vain, I am aware.

I digress.

In an effort to put an end to the goals I have literally been postponing for years, (some of these up to seven years!) I am going to write a list. I may or may not write about these in my blog but at least you’ll get a feel for the type of person I am. The blogger behind the screen who is making somewhat of a promise to banish at least a part of the procrastination that had been going on unauthorised for some time now.

  1. Write a blog
  2. Write a book
  3. Work out daily (I know this one is a tad cliche!)
  4. Achieve body goals (Ditto the above)
  5. Make an effort when leaving the house and for all occasions
  6. Establish a successful business

I know the list doesn’t sound like much, but when at least two of the above have been goals you have stood by since your mid-teens, you tend to get a little more than attached.

So whether you have likewise got a bad dose of the procrastination bug or you are the type of online presence that is just dying to see someone fail, why don’t you follow along. Perhaps this will be the one time I will finally get it right.

Keep dreaming!


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